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10 Inbound Marketing Charts That Explain The Impact Inbound Has Had

Over the past decade, inbound marketing has had a profound impact on the digital marketing landscape. 

With activities focused on earning peoples attention and creating owned assets, inbound marketing tends to be more cost effective and less scattered. 

Inbound marketing works, but just how well?

Our partner HubSpot surveyed 4,000 marketing and sales professionals across the globe to develop a comprehensive report that shows the impact inbound marketing has had on their businesses.

They have been compiling this report for the past 8 years to give marketers and salespeople the knowledge they need about the industry. 

Inbound has transformed the way we do business to be more human and less annoying. 

This report is a good gauge of the inbound marketing industry and where it is going in the future. 

Below are 10 powerful charts for the 2016 State of Inbound report. I felt they were some of the most important take always to help you get a pulse on where things are at. 

If you'd rather look through the full report you can download it here.  


Inbound works for every type of company

It doesn't matter who your customers are, inbound marketing is the best way to reach them. The majority of ecommerce companies practice inbound marketing. 


inbound works for every type of company.png


The top inbound marketing priorities over the next 12 months

Marketers remain focused on monetizing overall marketing efforts drill down on converting contacts and leads to customers and growing overall website traffic. 


marketers prioritize converting conacts to customers.png


The top inbound sales priorities over the next 12 months

Closing more deals is a priority among the majority reps - no surprise there - but the second most cited priority was increasing the efficiency of the sales funnel. 


sales priorities.png

Social Selling in 2016

Social media is now a top priority for more sales reps than ever before. With over a quarter of all sales reps making it their number one focus. 

social selling.png

Top Marketing Challenges

Marketers are still having problems proving ROI. 43% of marketers say that proving ROI is their top challenge. 


marketers biggest challenges.png

Sales activities are becoming more difficult

40% of sales people are saying that connecting with meaningful prospects is more difficult now then it was 2-3 years ago. New systems and tools are consistently being tested. 


sales biggest challenges.png

Is your marketing strategy effective? 

39% of marketers say their company's marketing strategy is ineffective. Employees at organizations that use inbound marketing practices tend to view their marketing strategy as effective. 


effective marketing strategy-1.png


What marketing channels are marketers heavily moving into? 

Video is a top performer this year. 23% of marketers said they are planning on introducing YouTube to their mix and almost 20% said Facebook video. Native video is becoming a big focus for markers in 2017. 


new marketing channel.png


What drive inbound marketing budgets?

Two things drive securing your inbound marketing budget. Past success with inbound marketing and calculating ROI. In other words, if you can show that what you're doing is working then you're more likely to secure a higher budget. There is a strong connection between ROI and budget. 


budget and roi.png


Lead quality by source

Are you getting the best leads from marketing, sales or referrals? Inbound marketing doesn't necessarily produce the best leads, referrals tend to lead that category, but they do produce the most quality leads. Inbound marketing is more predictable and salable than sourcing leads from sales or referrals. 


lead quality.png




Use these charts as a benchmark for your own operations. This type of industry information can be big help in preventing you from going down the wrong path or a big help in helping to see where your best opportunity lies. 

Is your industry succeeding with inbound marketing? Do your marketing priorities align with the industry? Are you adopting social sales or a video strategy? How are you going to make it easier for sales reps to connect with prospects? 

These questions are a few examples of how you might use this information.

Want a PDF version of these charts? Download it here...

kickbutt inbound marketing charts


What chart would you add that to this list? Do you think these 10 are the best charts to summarize the state of inbound?