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3 habits of high-performing inbound marketers


High performing marketers or marketing teams tend to have a range of technical skills and typically excel better in one place than another. One team may produce award-winning podcasts while another team might host great educational webinars.

But there is a handful of habits that each team or team member excels at. Whether it’s a podcast or a webinar, they are both forms of content that is produced and promoted.

The first thing that high performing marketers regularly do without having to think about is engaging on social media to regularly promote content

The second thing that is common among high performing marketing teams is Fast production of content based on customer feedback and behavior.

The third thing that high performing marketers have in common is the fuel of curiosity. They are continually learning, never satisfied and always want to seek out a better way.


3 habits of high performing inbound marketers


1. They’re Social

Having a good sense of how to interact and engage with a audience online is almost a requirement in the marketing world. These marketers have developed their own social followings by publishing unique content and facilitating the conversation. They are masters at outreach and don’t think twice about sharing/posting. They have established strong social media, blogging and content habits that attract a loyal and engaged audience.

The more you engage and interact with people and conversations across your social networks bigger your network will grow. And your social following happens to be a good indicator to the amount of interactions your posts will get on average. 




They add value not only to their audience but to the team they are a part of as well. Just take a look at this chart from HubSpot's Annual Inbound Report.

Almost 58% of small companies (1-10 employees) have social followings between 5k - 100k. Each person on those teams is actively contributing value to the company through their own social efforts. The results from a few people with strong social media habits can be expontential. 



2. They’re Agile

Being agile means that you are always asking questions and testing ideas. Agile marketers learn fast, share accountability, communicate with everyone, test everything, focus on the customer and prioritize the most impactful work.

They are constantly getting feedback from their audience and using it to fuel the creation of future content. This rapid learning cycle is the foundation for agile marketers.

Consistently delivering high quality content, learning from big wins, finding opportunities for improvement and identifying mistakes. They are always experiemnting with new ideas because they know they will learn valuable information regardless.

The productivity boosts and compounding results of agile marketers is what fuels the agile habit. Marketers that check their marketing analytics 3 or more times a week, which is just one part of being an agile marketer, report a greater marketing ROI than the previous year. 




The 6 actions that make up an agile habit

The idea is to repeat this process as quickly as possible to learn as much as possible in the shortest amount of time.


  1. Learn from your data, what your customer likes and doesn’t like and how they behave.

  2. Generate new ideas from what your customer's information, interest and behavior is telling you.

  3. Build the highest priority (highest potential impact) content. Whether you are creating new content or creating a new version of exisiting content, remain focused on developing continually improving content. 

  4. Launch and promote new/revised content with a testing schedule.

  5. Measure the content's performance through several a/b tests.

  6. Gather and analyze data that will allow you to see how your customers behave and what they are interested in. 


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3. They’re Curious

Being curious may sound straightforward but really it’s more about identifying what it is that you crave. Rockstar marketers crave information. They consistently ask questions and dive into answers. They crave data and engagement. They crave that new TED talk or Daily Vee video that was just uploaded. They crave new industry reports and testing beta software. They listen to podcasts like the HubSpot’s growth show on their walk to work and watch documentaries on on the weekends. In other words, they aren’t forcing it. They are doing these things because they want to (they truly crave it) not because they have to. Afterall, a craving is what drives a sequence of actions to becoming a habit.


Use this sequence of actions to exercise your curiosity effectively and efficiently.


High performing marketers have to be social, agile and curious. These habits are so important to inbound marketing due to the pace at which things change. Smart marketers realize that they need to build strong habits around the activities that need to be done most frequently.

Developing a habit around their social activities allows them to respond to their audience faster, answer questions faster than competitors, and build a loyal reputation.

Agile habits will help you to produce better content for your audience at a faster rate.  

Being curious will help you to respond to, repurpose and curate content for  your audience before anyone else.

Start to implement these 3 habits into your daily routine so you too can be a high performing marketer. What other habits would you add to the list?


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