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5 Tips on Blogging Frequency

  1. First, the consensus is that blogging every day isn’t needed. From Neil Patel, to Hubspot to nearly every post on the first page of Google for the term “how often should I blog.”
  2. Not only is blogging every day difficult to sustain but it also might hurt your key goals by not building longer more in-depth posts.
  3. Search engines do like to see regular updates but writing should be for people and not for SEO.
  4. You probably should time your blog posts, in fact Monday’s at 11am EST can outperform other days (folks usually think the end of the week is best, that’s more for social media.)
  5. Rather than posting every day, optimize every. Revisit your schedule, check what is working, and even revisit your old blog posts.

The one definite reason for blogging every day? To build the habit. 21 days to build a habit is a myth How Long Does it Actually Take to Form a New Habit? Backed by Science. in fact it’s more like 66 days to build a habit. When you first start a blog you need content. Beginning with writing, if not publishing, a blog every day can get the creative ideas flowing and build the content generation habit.

Does this disprove the idea of blogging as the Keystone Habit? Not yet but it does temper the expectations of results from blogging every day and how to adjust strategies.


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