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Brand Vision: Measuring Inspiration through Mission

A little while back we looked at Customer Churn and Interaction, breaking down key statistics about how social media affects customer interactions into specific actions to take.

Though we looked at overall statistics below is a very specific example on Twitter of a companies mission building on traditional content promotion. Here, sweetgreen’s mission comes right through and their audience responds with more likes (and likely interactions) than other tweets in the feed.

Mission and Vision, completely clear in 140 characters (or less!)

This example comes from looking through HubSpot’s post on 12 Truly Inspiring Company Vision and Mission Statement Examples, which incidentally has a number of LinkedIn shares.

First, looking at the context of the tweet, it’s on a companies feed but not hashtagged so the targeting is fairly general. The tweet is linked to another account with a large number of followers but it still has more engagement than other examples.


Looking at sweetgreen’s feed, their Tweets tend to have an average of 10 likes. But this post has a solid 31 likes (as of December 2016) even though there are other posts about this content. The key is not only are their values reflected in the text “bring good food to everybody” but the quote provides a glimpse at the further linked article.

sweetgreen on Twitter: “”my purpose is to bring good food to everybody” - @GrowingPower founder will allen. don’t know him? read this 👉

sweetgreen (@sweetgreen) | Twitter


The final lesson from this example is to stay grounded in the basics. The tweet links to a further post with more information, asks viewers to interact, and @ mentions another user. Furthermore, you can’t expect every tweet or post to have such high interaction but make sure to design them like this to make sure clicks happen where viewers have opportunities to connect with your content further.