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Content Creation: Questions about blogging

Important distinction, questions about the publishing world that has developed nearly exponentially since the early 2000s. How many blogs are maintained, how often, and is blogging continuing to grow? All of these questions circle a central point, are we reaching, or have reached, a saturation point of content. Already the answer is "no" because we know how effective Inbound can be. But it is essential to ask these questions to understand how content creation continues to develop. (Warning, lots of number speculation, but resonable conclusions.)

The primary question of "how many blogs are maintained" is the most difficult to estimate because, as every search result points out, while thousands may be started every day thousands are closed as well.172 million Tumblr[4], 75.8 million WordPress[5], Blogger has 500 Million users but likely far fewer blogs. As a rough, rough, estimate there could be nearly 1 Billion blogs (considering the numbers above exclude microblogging on Twitter or Facebook and the rapidly growing Medium.) Importantly, the takeaways around overall blogging are:

  1. Blogging is still growing, regardless of the fuzzy numbers, they are increasing.
  2. Unlike with social media, older blogging services haven't been replaced by newer blogging services. WordPress is an excellent example of steady, but very measured development, that could have been displaced by a fast moving competitor.

Technorati measures blogging activity, rather than the number of sites taking up an IP address. The numbers here are hard to soldify here as well but an estimate is around 3 million per day (extrapolated.) Multiplying to a year of activity also ends up around 1 Billion for the year. Takeaways on blogging activity:

  1. Without even looking at viewership, it's still clear that the biggest failure of blogs are lack of updates.


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