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Customer Churn, Social Media, 3 Actions for Brands of Every Size

Social media is a key gateway to customers with 1.2 billion users of Facebook following brands and at least 70% of users reading/hearing about others’ experiences with brands. [1] The market is available but the opportunities for action aren’t always clear. How can new brands connect to an audience? How can you foster a growing community? How can established brands manage a large community?

First Identify your community and match with an appropriate approach.
If you’re starting without an established community then you need to seek out your users on other pages or in other groups (especially with the flooding of open channels.) Example: Have a sportswear company, find outdoor Facebook Groups and comment and share within the group.

Be careful selling with this approach as you don’t want to put off people but it’s an excellent opportunity to reach new customers in your specific area rather than blasting messages to an open feed and hoping for interaction.

Important to note, pages with a smaller audience tend to have more interaction than pages with more likes. Either way direct connection, like replying to comments is needed, whether for smaller pages for growth or for larger pages to maintain interaction. [2]

Take action: Hop onto Facebook and find fans to open a discussion with.

Open Social Media-Enabled Interactions Create Community

Approximately 1.2 billion people use Facebook worldwide to follow brands (53 % at least once per month), learn more about brands (65 %) or hear of others’ experiences with brands (70 %; The Nielsen Company 2012).

Comment, Post, Reply with a specific community

At every level of brand development there is a specific action a social media manager or business owner can take to maximize engagement.

Take Action


If you’ve started your own group or page, foster the community by offering ways for the community to connect around content. Surveys are a great way for folks to express their opinions but make sure the survey is focused and stay on top of responses to keep the conversation directed.

Again, needs repeating, be careful about selling even in your own space but here is the best opportunity to direct folks right to your product or service.

With a large brand that has thousands or millions of followers the key is customer service.

Quoting directly from research: “Therefore, adequate customer service via social media, which is called social care, is not only a strategic necessity for customer relationship management (47% of social media users engage in social care; The Nielsen Company 2012.)” [1] Even just maintaining current service is a form of marketing.

At any level there are ways to take specific actions with new leads and foster positive relationships with existing customers. Specific actions are the key to maximizing the impact of your efforts and we’ll be looking at more actions soon.

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