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[Inbound2016] Impressions and Previous Experience

Last year I was introduced not only to Hubspot but also to it's signature event, Inbound. Inbound 2015 was a lot of fun, which is strange to say about what is, ostensibly, a marketing event. The breakout sessions, such as Mari Smith or Marcus Sheridan's provided excellent actionable information in well contained 40-45 minutes while the longer spotlights, such as Aziz Ansari or my favorite Jon Ronson's, brought in bigger ideas around "content" than simply the "5 best tips to making 5 best tips."

In fact, Marcus Sheridan broke down his own views shortly after the conference with 7 key observations, and here are just 4 impressions on what looks to be different or the same, why, and if there's still progress to be made.

1. "Inbound is no longer a marketing conference." For some of us that is an enormous benefit. I'm new to marketing and if I spent 4 days of listening to even the best marketing speakers and advice my eyes would have glazed over. The mix of different perspectives, in-depth knowledge, and a good deal amount of humor helped see the community from many sides, get access to concentrated expertise, all without being overloaded in the process.

2. "We have a Serious Sales Problem in this Industry and Certainly at Inbound." While not familiar with the industry at large, there is a heavy emphasis on the open door of Inbound marketing without necessarily walking through conversion and sales in the same depth. At Inbound 2016, the Thursday sessions seem to be more sales focused so there is a start to broadening the discussion.

5. "HubSpot’s New Tools Bring Equal Excitement and Frustration to Users and Partners Alike." Mostly I'm curious what the thinking behind HubSpot projects is. It seems to be missing a lot of standard project management features, while also not connecting to project management tools, so this new area is a bit curious in it's implementation.

6. "The Inbound Conference is Not Immune to Growing Pains." HubSpot tackled this head on with preregistration. Hopefully fewer lines and more seeing what you came to the conference for. That said, how many folks preregistered? There seemed to be a lot of slots open for most sessions and events.

T-minus 4 hours. What are you looking forward to?