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Keystone Habit brief follow-up on rewards

The question yesterday was which habit would build each successive habit, blogging or social media. An important part of any habit, including keystone habits, is the reward. I didn't touch on this before but there needs to be a reward to this habit. Day One broke down how journaling is a Keystone Habit but does not mention what the reward of that habit is.

I journal regularly nearly every hour on the hour but, so far as I know, there is no reward from it. The cue is the hourly tick and the routine is opening up the app to record my thoughts but I can't say there is an exact reward that follows. What is the reward will likely be key to my previous blogging and social media question as well. The Hook Model is true for many social media users but I don't think, using "I think" intentionally here, it is the same for me so there might be another reward.

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