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Starting Content Stories in 2017? Optimize blog posts and reshare!

Optimizing posts is a well known but often overlooked content strategy. Blog optimization is critical to achieving compounding results because not only are you capitalizing on traffic already coming to the site but also potentially starting new conversations by adjusting content for new audience through updated social media or search engine reindexing.

In the beginning of the year there may be a pause as metrics, analytics, and other reports are reviewed but, to keep your content flowing, now is a great time to practice optimization and reshare posts you know have preformed well (regardless of what year they’re from!)

Keywords and Conversations: Similar but different approaches to optimization

There are a couple of approaches to optimization. First is SEO optimization that Hubspot goes into around here. An SEO approach to updating a blog post is good if the post may be losing some traffic to more competitive terms or is preforming well through other channels but might not be getting properly indexed on Google or Bing.

The other method of optimization is optimizing for more conversations, conversions or leads. Much of another of HubSpot’s posts here, is on the SEO of making your content a “Featured Snippet” in Google but it’s actually useful for making your content easier to read as well. (A side-effect Google is trying to promote.)

Tips such as featuring the search query on page, structuring the content as an answer are good for users as well as search engines. Google’s goal of course is to provide people with what they are looking for and here you have an opportunity to see how a question is currently being answered and attempt to provide a better solution.

Resharing content isn’t a secret: Point out what’s new to previous visitors

The objective of reshared content is to take advantage of a conversation that has already started and hopefully one that people are looking to reengage in. When resharing posts, you don’t need to act like it is a new post and in fact you likely already have some interested eyes to reshape to.

Looking at the Prospects in HubSpot or HubSpot Free, or by reviewing who commented on the post are great ways to see who you can directly reshare the content to. This takes the guessing out of who will be interested in rereading the post. What is more, with properly set up lead paths, the prospect will see not only new content but also a more targeted call-to-action. 

Bottom line, don’t be overwhelmed by all the New Years reports, you have actionable data already

Pick a month from the last year, look at the top post and do some research on it. Once updated, reschedule 3 messages on Twitter, 1 on Facebook, and so forth. Don’t worry if it’s the most in line with your message, had just the right visitor makeup, or the perfect combination of metrics.

What is important is to keep your good marketing habits going, and by using some "older" content you can keep your messaging going.