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Take ONE action on your Google Analytics Today (And here’s your homework for the next 2 months.)

Make a goal. Any goal. Far, far too many Google Analytics installs are left at that, installed but never truly “set up. ” Kissmetrics reenforces this in nearly every post they have about analytics.

“Google Analytics doesn’t tell you how your business is doing without some additional setup.”

“For most users, however, it [Google Analytics] never becomes more than just a pretty interface with interesting graphs.”

“I’m going to lay it to you straight: Google Analytics doesn’t offer any value out of the box.“

The core of this:

“you spend WAY too much time looking at metrics that don’t matter.”

Determine a goal and get it set up. It will save you the time that is currently being wasted.

Today, early in 2017, should be the day you add at least 1 goal. Fortunately Kissmetrics comes through again with 4 key goals you can set up. 4 Google Analytics Goal Types That Are Critical To Your Business

Even without a dollar amount for your visitors, that an ecommence site would have, you and your team should assign a value to contacts that you can solve towards.

Done. No more text or advice, just get to it. Now for your homework.

Your homework for the next 2 months. (Not to be done all at once!)

Beyond the regular setup (not the install, the goals!) are endless possibilities. But, rather than jumping into a huge pool of posts and guides, take a look at a couple of posts by Google Analytics experts that have even more detail around them (as needed.)

Outbound goals using Google Tag Manager

With non-profit goals, such as driving volunteers or donations on other connections, tracking where users go once they leave your site is key.

#GTMtips: Track Outbound Links In GTM V2 - Simo Ahava’s blog

In Simo’s post, he clearly and concisely lays out how to track outbound links right from within the rest of your Analytics. Furthermore, these events can be woven into views, reports, and, of course, goals.

Setting up these outbound tags shouldn’t take too long but Simo has dozens more posts but make sure you have a path planned out before you follow each and every one.

Detailed iterations the Google Analytics tracking code.

Philip Walton is a developer on Google Analytics so it’s no wonder he has many thoughts and more than a few tweaks to the original code.

The Google Analytics Setup I Use On Every Site I Build

There are 8 tweaks and the whole post is quite long so this is where you should take time to read the whole post before diving into any changes.

As well, these are more developer, code, oriented changes so be careful when applying them.

Sum up.

If you still don’t have a goal, right now is when to do it. Once you’ve taken that action, take time to learn while you gather more data for your next change.