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Weekend thoughts: After a Week of Divided Attention Pull Focus


Maybe the election only took up your mindshare last week but for many it's been all consuming for weeks and months or you've had some other big news taking up your thoughts for weeks and months. For those of us at #inbound16 lest week has been about listening, learning, and evaluating with the community of fellow Inbound marketers. Regardless if it is week or the next, we always have moments of discordance, moments of disarray, moments we lose focus because there is so much dividing our attention.

By definition, a moment is "a very brief period of time" or "a minute, instant, or second" but our minds work in cycles and distracting moments renew themselves as long as they can. Lost focus can perpetuate, ask athletes who suddenly have a bad year for no other reason than one missed pitch that replays every time they step on the mound or one missed catch that cycles in their mind. In these times we need to actively shift focus, not unlike a camera lens, turning our focus to a different subject to aim at.

Refocusing is an active exercise. Whether a bad day just needs a strong reminder of the current objective or the past few months need a realignment to bring everything back into perspective, we have to stop the errant cycle from repeating and actively choose what happens next.