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What you need to know about optimizing your inbound marketing content for the future


Today people are searching for information and consuming content online differently than they were a few years ago.

So it strikes me as odd that marketers, who spend a lot of time looking at data and studying trends, seem to be so far behind this shift.

Two things are leading this change in buyer behavior.

First is social media. Facebook now performs 2 billion search requests a day.

Second is social messaging. Messaging apps have already surpassed social media in user count.

Social media is changing the way people discover and consume content, and messaging apps are changing the way people engage with technology through the rise of chatbots.

Facebook video, live streaming video, Snapchat and Instagram stories begin to give you a glimpse into the future.


What you need to do...



Focus on data.

Data is becoming more important and more accessible by the day, but making sense of it all and gaining actionable insights gets more difficult to handle with larger data sets.

Knowing how to use data to influence your content and what data to use and when will be critical moving forward.

In other words, your content should never die or "end", rather it should continuously improve over time, optimizing conversions and driving leads/customers.


Realize and except that the power is in the buyers hands. They have all the control. They are indifferent with high expectations.

Meaning your potential market isn't going to go out of their way for you. You need to understand where they are and be there.

And they're probably in a number of places.

It is going to be important to create your content in multiple formats to please consumption preferences.

Some people want to listen to a blog post while others want to look at a slide show...

The same content for different consumption.


As a result of number one, you can see that your content production load could quickly double or triple.

To avoid this we need to get really specific about our audience and how we are helping them/what problem we are solving and how we are solving it.

People are looking to solve specific problems and unless you have unlimited access to capital, you can't solve them all.

Content that is focused on depth rather than wide will win. People want to watch helpful videos that thoroughly answer a question over reading a lengthy article that leaves things out.


With a specific market and narrow focus, quality is everything.

Not only do you want to dominate your niche but you also don't want to overload yourself or your team.

If you are creating content in multiple formats you will quickly loose quality if you prioritize volume over optimization.

This is why it is so important to tackle one marketing channel at a time for each piece of content.


Final Thoughts

Again, technology is leading new movements in the marketing world. Social media is starting to bring a lot more value to users than just personal connections, and messaging apps are going to be extremely valuable to those companies that can integrate their brands into someones app.

In the future people are going to continue to get hit with an overwhelming, unavoidable amount of content, most of which won't be welcomed or irrelevant.

Content of the future will need to be able to capture people in their social worlds. Both on social networks and inside messaging apps.